Faster Than the Speed of Light

Is it possible that future spacecraft with “warp drive” could travel faster than the speed of light? Check out this article on Decoded Science and read about NASA’s latest experiment:  

Copper Killed for Orphan Black? BBC America Clearly Does not Like American Viewers!

Kyle Schmid at Megacon, Orlando Florida, March 2008. Schmid plays Robert Morehouse in Copper. Photo by Anne Petersen. I do not watch the BBC on a regular basis. They rarely offer shows that appeal to me, other than Dr. Who. However, when a friend recommended the show Copper, produced by BBC America (and a list […]

Quantum Leap: Breaking all the Time Travel Rules

Veteran actor Dean Stockwell plays Al Calavicci , a hologram, in Quantum Leap. Stockwell became famous as a child actor and is still busy with his career, currently working on a new series in his home state of New Mexico.  The writers of Quantum Leap didn’t care if they broke the rules. Time travel? Change the […]

Pushing Daisies, the Story of Ned the Pie Maker and Chuck the Living Dead

  I am addicted to this quirky, funny, mysterious, supernaturaly horror show. The writing is fantastic, the plot so creative, and I am shocked that at the time of this update, it has not been continued. Pushing Daisies was created by Bryan Fuller, the full-time writer for the Star Trek spin-off Voyager. Fuller was the lead […]